The donation or Dana system

In India there’s a tradition of giving a donation at the end of each meditation retreat, this is called Dana. Dharma Techno works in this tradition and at the end of each of retreat participants are asked to make a donation.


At the moment the costs of the food and accommodation are paid for by each participant. These costs are what Dharma Techno pays for the raw ingredients for the kitchen, the hire of the accommodation and the general logistical cost of organizing the event. No one is payed for their work out of this cost. It is the donation at the end of the retreat that goes to the teachers and administrators. It is this donation that allows Dharma Techno to function. In the future we also want to offer ‘donation only events’ so that people who are on a low income can also attend.


Working like this is a real challenge for us. This is why it’s important for everyone to understand the essence of Dana. Dana is not just a tip. You are asked to tune in with yourself, to find out how much you value the retreat, then decide how much you can offer to support it – and future events. 


In this way we hope to create a fairer economy. An economy where these timeless spiritual teachings are not treated as commodified products, but are freely available to everyone – regardless of income.