Dharma Techno - What Does It All Mean?

The ancient Sanskrit word ‘Dharma’ (in this context) means the nature of things – the flow, the direction, the path.  


The word ‘meditate’ means to be still and to observe.  As we practice it, it is free from any belief system or religion.


The word ‘Techno’ describes the music we love.


We organise events where we can practice meditation in silence over 4 days and then, when our perceptions are heightened, we turn on the Techno! 


The music is played live over a large, Noise Control Audio Sound System by a musician who has participated fully in the retreat. 


The meditation sessions are guided by Denis Robberechts. Denis spent seven years in India studying classical Indian music and different styles of meditation.  He has now been teaching meditation both in Europe and India for the last ten years. He says of his technique it is based on our capacity to observe. It is simple and free from beliefs or dogma. It is a path leading to greater intimacy with oneself and a better knowledge of who we really are.


To keep our minds clear and our perceptions sharp, our events are drug and alcohol free. Food is vegan, prepared daily by our cooks from organic and locally sourced produce wherever possible. Our mountain venue includes comfortable accommodation, dining area, kitchen, sauna and a beautiful meditation space and dancehall.