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9-14 May 2019 - Sound, Silence and Dance, France

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A 4 day silent meditation retreat with an evening of live Techno music.

Open to all.


The Spirit of the Retreat:


During the retreat we shall be immersed totally in silence in order to better enter into contact with ourselves and to awaken our senses. Our days will revolve around silent meditation sessions, sometimes guided, some teachings, group discussions etc.


It is very important for the atmosphere of the retreat that everyone participates wholly in the proposed programme, respects the silence and keeps an open mind, full of curiosity and enthusiasm for the exploration.


69DB will be participating fully in this experience with us and it is from this space of silence and inner awareness that for one evening during the retreat he will begin his techno ‘performance’.


You can get an idea of the style of the Dharma nature association and of Denis’ teachings in the video on the website, HERE.


We will be staying in a beautiful gite in the south of france.


The meals will be vegetarian.


Cost: 220 € + a donation (dana) + 10€ membership fee for the Dharma Nature association (read more below).


The price includes board, lodging and other expenses incurred. At the end of the retreat there will be the opportunity to make a donation to express gratitude to the teacher whose participation is offered freely, plus support for the association Dharma Nature. This method helps us to avoid having a ‘fixed price’ therefore giving the opportunity for those in financial difficulty to attend, and is thus considered ‘open’ and not as ‘cheap’.

Read more about Dana.


Please contact us if your financial situation would prevent you from attending.


Dharma Techno is part of 'Dharma Nature’ - a non-profit organisation based on the 1901 French law, and on that basis, it is necessary to be a member in order to participate in our retreats (Dharma Nature or Dharma Techno). The membership fee is 10€, and this money is used to cover the running costs of the organisation. The prices given for the retreats on our website do not include this membership fee. You can become a member now, pay 10€ by paypal, bank transfer or by french cheque. Could you specify that it concerns your membership. Click-here for the Dharma Nature website.







We’re really happy to present our new project: 3 days of silent meditation and 3 evenings of acoustic and electronic music. There will also be activities for children so that their parents can take part in the silence and the meditation sessions. And of course, like everything we propose, this event will be drug and alcohol free.

More information coming soon!

This is an ambitious project and we need help. If you are interested to help us either before or during the festival, please write to us at - info@dharmatechno.org

And especially, we will need help to promote this event. We would like the information to diffused large and wide so if you can help with that, please let us know!


Please go to the FESTIVAL page for more information