"Dance through life, as an ultimate act of resilience and freedom.      From the intimate to the collective. . ." Kynsie

Kynsie began to dance at the age of 6 in a Maloya troupe (Traditional Music and Dance of Reunion Island ), at the same time she integrated her academic bases in modern dance school and this for 11 years.

Over time, an evolution in contemporary dance , crossroads and key encounters (Ohad Naharin's Gaga Method, Cie Humanhood, Maitre Ke Wen), she gradually develops a body language of her own. A non-frozen and organic dance from which spontaneously emerges a raw energy.

In workshop, her comprehensive and accessible approach offers a safe environment allowing possible intimacy with oneself. Like an accompaniment resonating  with the research proposed by Denis, these sessions focused on the body are an opportunity to explore the sensitive. Thus freeing spaces, relieving tensions, via tools inspired by Qigong and Dance, but also using stretching and just letting go . 

Today, Kynsie does not wish to be attached to any label except that of experimental and proposes with the musician 69db an immersion into movement and music in consciousness within the Wave Arising project.

"I learn and share from there.
The listening body
The resonance of a sound, the taming of a silence
The sound space which gradually takes shape and merges with movement
Both absent and very present, I sometimes have the impression that the inside and the outside merge. . . in a permanent back and forth.
Through dancing, I find a lot of strength in vulnerability. A vulnerability to being oneself. Becoming one with the others in an improvisation which often pushes back our mental barriers, the movement then becomes meditative and the gesture a ritual .
Regardless of the form.
I learn and share from there ".