69DB talks about where meditation meets Techno 

© Phosphenes
© Phosphenes

To my mind, listening is the art of receiving and receiving is about being open. In dance and in Sound. Listening leads the improvisation in my music. Listening transforming to movement. Sound feeding back into sound. From vibration to vibration. Listening leads to hightened awareness, on the outside and on the inside.

My experiences with Dharma Techno have led me to a new technique that provides me with better focus in the process of listening and being open. It is very rewarding and stimulating to meet this music (that has been my life’s focus) head on and face to face, in all its clarity.

In Europe we have become cynical with regards to spirituality. This is not surprising when you see how European religious traditions abused their positions of power. We live in a time where we have been cut off from the source of what we are. We are so distracted that we hardly ever get to really look at ourselves. Trance Dance and Meditation are two ancient and well explored ways to get access to the inner workings of conciousness. The feelings of connectedness and oneness with the universe, found through thèse ancient traditions, really interests me and I think that this could be a great direction for me to explore though my music - and perhaps even for a whole new rave scene.